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Why choose a career in aerospace?

Why Aerospace?

Six Pack

There are many great reasons to start or continue an exciting career in the aerospace field.  One of the first things many will learn is about the 'six pack' of aircraft instruments installed in every aircraft, which provide critical flight information to the pilot.  Each of these 6 instruments provides a different piece of information, and similarly, each one of these can provide guidance to your future career in aerospace.

Reason 1

Air Speed

Even though aircraft require a minimum speed to take off, many careers in the aerospace industry can be started from the ground up!  With a range of opportunities from entry level to experienced, including scholarships, and options for veterans, there is something for everyone.

Reason 2


While the attitude indicator instrument refers to the aircraft pitch and roll, working in the aerospace industry requires having the right mental attitude.  Thinking outside the box, collaborating with others, and solving complex problems all require the right attitude to be successful.  See showcases for stories on how others got into the industry and continue to challenge themselves.

Reason 3


The aerospace industry truly has something for everyone, all that is needed is the right path to success.  Aircraft commonly fly a predetermined heading, and by following along with some of the career paths, you could be heading for success!

Reason 4


The turn coordinator ensures smooth changes in the aircraft heading.  Even if you have prior experience in another field or are a veteran, there is plenty of opportunity to transition into a career in aerospace.

Reason 5

Vertical Speed

Just as aircraft are able to climb to higher altitudes, the aerospace field has many growth opportunities for people new to the industry as well as those with experience.  With opportunities to advance your education and earn additional industry certification, the right attitude could see you soar!

Reason 6


Have questions on how to stay aloft in the aerospace field?  Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the industry.  Want to share the high-flying opportunities found in the aerospace field with someone else?  Visit our Educators page for more resources and follow us on social media.