Regional Sales Manager



Be a team player, build a network and be passionate about whatever you decide to do. These traits will build respect amongst your coworkers and the people in the Avionics Community.

About me:

When I was 7 years old I knew I wanted to be a Pilot and be in Aviation. My family and I were flying from Los Angeles to Chicago on a Boeing 707 and the pilot came back during the flight (You would not see this anymore) and asked if any of us wanted to see the cockpit. I said yes, & I was hooked. I was a Sales Engineer for several years after I graduated from College and was selling products in the defense industry. Working with large defense companies was not fulfilling or rewarding to me. While working on my Private and Instrument ratings I became interested in avionics and how they worked. In 1993 I went to Oshkosh / EAA to see if I could find a career path in avionics. It was there that I met Tim Casey with GARMIN. This meeting led to an interview and eventually a job with GARMIN as a Regional Sales Manager. I attended Iowa State University and earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering. After college I received a Private, Instrument Rating and Commercial license. Day to day I work with one of Collins key dealers and a OEM in the Avionics aftermarket businesses for both Collins Flight Deck and Cabin products. I work with these key dealers to provide avionics solutions to the Business Aviation Community. In my opinion the aftermarket is best segment of the Avionics business. Relationships matter in the aftermarket and you rely on your partnerships with the dealers to solve customer's problems. It is these relationships and teamwork that I find most enjoyable.