President of Sales


  • Job TitlePresident of Sales
  • Company Butler Avionics
  • LocationNew Century, KS


Ask questions to every person you meet. The aviation community is full of amazing people who will do anything they can to help answer your questions and see you succeed. Aviation is one of the most rewarding career opportunities.

About me:

Growing up I was always passionate about anything that would fly. The Space Shuttle and building model rockets with friends really got me excited about aviation, but I think it was my father and uncle who were both pilots that gave me the greatest inspiration to become a pilot. I came to the avionics community via a flight student of mine. I had been furloughed from my flying job and he said they were looking for someone who could do sales and learn the business. I came into the industry only knowing the pilots side of the panel and very little about the inner workings of avionics. My work day can consist of meeting with employees and discussing upcoming projects we have scheduled, doing the final test flights on aircraft once we have completed the customers repairs or avionics upgrades, or completing FAA paperwork at the end of a project. Every work day is different from the previous. There isn’t a day that passes by without me learning at least one or two new things. I enjoy the fact that every day holds something new. Some new challenge we get to contend with and learn from.