Aviation Systems Engineer



My advice would be to find something you care about and work hard on that. If you solve it or find something else you care more about, chase that next. Even if you don't solve every problem in every instance, you will learn a ton about the industry and what interests you.

About me:

I grew up in an aviation family - my grandfather was an airline pilot and would take me camping out of his 180 in the summer. Two of my uncles and one cousin are airline pilots, another cousin is learning to fly, and I myself learned to fly before I learned to drive. When I was looking for internships for the summer between my junior and senior year of college, I saw Garmin's name and applied. I started full-time after I graduated and have been with them ever since. I attended Utah State University and earned a bachelor's of science degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Aerospace. I get to work with really awesome people on features that advance aviation. I also find it quite enjoyable when we find a clever solution to a hard problem. There are so many opportunities for people in aviation. The people I work with, all have such varied backgrounds and careers. The one consistent trait amongst all of them is how much they care.